Obsolete Power Supply Replacements
Fit, form & function replacement PSUs and rectifiers

Obsolescence Solutions

If your equipment is powered by an obsolete DC power supply or rectifier, we may be able to help you with a form-fit-function replacement, made here in the UK.

These PSUs are low volume obsolescence solutions that are built to order, so please be sure to involve us in your obsolescence planning at an early stage.

Replacement DC Power Supplies


APS Artesyn N1204 Replacement

Artesyn N1204-1XXX Replacement / Applied Materials 1140-90090


APS COB range

COB Range
Advance / Gould Hiflex HI-750 / HI-1000 Replacements

APS MAM0030W range

MAM Range – MAM0030
Farnell / Advance G/MMG 30W Replacement

APS MAM0060W range

MAM Range – MAM0060
Farnell / Advance G/MMG 60W Replacement

APS MAM0120W range

MAM Range – MAM0120
Farnell / Advance G/MG 120W Replacement


APS MAM0240W range

MAM Range – MAM0240
Farnell / Advance G/MG 240W Replacement

APS MAM0360W range

MAM Range – MAM0360
Farnell / Advance G/MG 360W Replacement

APS MAM0500W range

MAM Range – MAM0500
Farnell / Advance G/MG 500W Replacement

APS MAM0150 range

MAM Range – MAM0150
Farnell / Advance G/MGT Replacement


APS MAM0400W range

MAM Range – MAM0400
Farnell / Advance G/MGT Replacement

APS MAN0055 range

MAN Range – MAN0055
Farnell NS055 Replacement

APS MAN0110 range

MAN Range – MAN0110
Farnell NS110 Replacement

APS MAN0140 range

MAN Range – MAN0140
Farnell NS140 Replacement


APS PIN0350 range

PIN Range – PIN0350
Advance PB350 Replacement

APS POW1000 range

Advance P1000 Replacement

APS PYT range

PYT Range
Advance P350/P500 Replacement

APS CCR1500 range

Farnell / Advance F2075/F2905 Replacement (BT160 rectifier)


APS Power One HMF5 replacement

Power One HMF5-G4-E1-K-L Replacement

Most Farnell, Advance or Gould power supplies are now obsolete and unavailable.

Where a repair or refurbishment is not an option, our expert services extend to the very highest quality design & manufacture of a wide range of fully CE / UKCA marked industrial DC power supplies (PSU’s), rectifiers and chargers. Replacements are available for some old, obsolete Farnell, Advance, Gould and other manufacturers PSU’s.

As ex-Advance Power (formerly Farnell Power and Gould Advance) design engineers, we have been involved with power supplies and rectifiers since the early 1960’s. Using all the experience that decades of power supply design brings, we manufacture a range of products in the U.K. which faithfully replicate the ageing Farnell / Advance / Gould power supplies using the highest quality of components and manufacturing techniques.

For the end user, this offers the hassle-free simplicity of a like for like swap with the original product, often without the need for expensive re-qualification and testing. Physical sizes, fixing positions, input & output specifications and positions, control signals, all compatible with the original power supply units.

APS is a niche UK based, DC power supply manufacturer and supplier. All of our own power supplies are replacements for obsolete and unavailable PSUs manufactured in the UK and are subjected to a full burn in and parametric test prior to leaving the factory to ensure 100% product compliance and are covered by a 3 year return to base warranty. Extended life and warranty versions are available.

Click the green button to download “The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Farnell, Gould and Advance Power Supplies” below for a comprehensive list of replacement part numbers.

These PSUs are low volume obsolescence solutions that are built to order sometimes on quite long lead-times, so please be sure to involve us in your obsolescence planning at an early stage. APS are members of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management and would like to encourage obsolescence management rather than obsolescence panic!


Replacing Farnell and Advance Power Supplies Guide