Replacement for the Advance Powerflex PB350 range

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PIN Series

Form fit function replacement for the Advance Powerflex PB350 range.

This unit is one of a range of APS’ Obsolescence Solutions for Advance Power PSUs. These are niche PSUs that are hand-built to order, please check with us on lead times.

  • 18V – 32V DC operation
  • Signals package as per original Advance Powerflex
  • Complete transparency to end user


The original Powerflex PB350 was manufactured by Advance Power at their Bishop’s Stortford site for a number of years until the end of production in the early nineties. They were widely acclaimed for their inherent reliability and flexibility and were sold in relatively high quantities both in the UK and internationally.

The PB350 design utilised a free running inverter with up to 6 plug in output modules based on mag-amp technology. Required cooling air was provided by a cover mounted DC fan.

Replacement for Advance Powerflex PB350 and PD500
Advance NumberReplaces System no.Output 1Output 2Output 3Output 4Output 5APS Model Number
PB350/4125V, 80A+15V 13.4A-15V 13.4A+24V 8.3AF+24V 8.3AFPIN0350B412
PB350/4125.15V 80A+15V 13.4A-15V 13.4A+24V 8.3AF+24V 8.3AFPIN0350B412A
PB350/47424V 16.7A+15V 13.4A-15V 13.4A+5V 10A-PIN0350B474
PB350/47624V 16.7A----PIN0350B476
PD500/503+5V 60A+12V 8.4A-12V 8.4A--5V 10APIN0500B503