Replacement for Power One HMF5 series

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HMF5 Range

Form, fit and function replacement for Power One HMF5 series. This unit is one of a range of APS’ PSU Obsolescence Solutions. These are niche PSUs that are hand-built to order, please check with us on lead times.

  • Signals and sequencing as per original PSU
  • Stud output terminals for easy connection
  • Complete transparency to end user


The original HMF5 series were manufactured by Power One. They were designed as a multi output AC-DC converter, constructed from a series of interconnected sub-assemblies.

As the HMF5 is modular, further configurations of the HMF5 series may be available, please contact us to find out more.

APS Power One HMF5 replacement
RangeReplaces System NumberOutput 1Output 2Output 3 Output 4Output 5 Output 6SignalsAPS Model Number
Power One HMF5-G4-E1-K-L
.Contact us......HMF5-G4-E1-K-L-APS
Power One HMF5-G4-E1-30-K-L
.Contact us......HMF5-G4-E1-30-K-L-APS