Power Supply (PSU) Design and Consultancy
Your Bespoke or Custom DC Power design project... your specification

Power Supply (PSU) Design and Consultancy

If you have a unique or bespoke PSU design requirement or perhaps a mission critical obsolete power supply that you have to replace with an identical new unit; we can help. APS can advise, design, adapt and manufacture custom/bespoke DC power supplies or rectifiers to your exact specification, even in small volume.

Bespoke PSU Design

We help Clients who have a bespoke DC power supply design requirement; perhaps to replace an obsolete unit, or as part of a new custom PSU development. We can assist your Engineers with a bespoke design service or offer a complete custom design consultancy together with a small to medium scale manufacture solution.

Right now, your design project might seem like a career-busting task, but APS can help you to get it completed on time, delivered on budget and help you to secure lasting reliability for your system. Outsourcing design to the experts can potentially save time, money and reputation. As some of the original design team behind Farnell / Gould /Advance power supplies, we have the experience to deliver your next specialist DC power design project.

APS works with Customers ranging from small businesses to household-name corporations to develop bespoke DC power supply products. This can be as simple as a modification to an existing off-the-shelf PSU, or a complete design and manufacture project.

For further examples of what APS can do, please take a look at our portfolio of design projects.

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Testing PSU

Power Supply failure analysis

APS can provide an expert PSU failure analysis service to determine the root cause of your AC/DC power supply failure.

You may have discovered that you have a reliability problem with a PSU in your equipment or industrial machinery. For some, the consequences of obsolescence, unit failure or fire may be catastrophic and improved reliability is imperative. Age related component failure or a demanding environment could be leading to costly problems.

We can undertake thermal analysis, a rigorous circuit design investigation and component suitability study. Our failure analysis studies are strictly confidential and undertaken with the protection of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
In addition to our PSU design credentials, APS have repaired over 17,000 power supplies for Customers across the world. We can draw in this vast experience of real-world failures to identify common failure modes and bad practice.

The failure analysis can be used to predict potential the likelihood of future failures. As part of this program, we can also offer repairs, targeted modifications or ruggedisation to improve PSU reliability and mitigate your future losses and liabilities.

Engineer performing a failure analysis on a PSU.


Spending time looking for a quality-conscious company to fulfil a low volume Power Supply manufacturing requirement can be frustrating.

APS are able to help you with anything from a single prototype to a full production batches.

Our modest, UK based, production facilities are famous for one thing above all else….ZERO DEFECTS. For when quality matters most.


Small scale PSU manufacture