Repair, Refurbish, Replace
Maximise lifetime on mission critical equipment

Industry Leading Power Supply Repair & Refurbishment

No fix, no fee…
If we fail to repair a faulty item you pay nothing!

Express turnaround…
Premium service available to minimise expensive downtime.

Fixed repair costs…
Simplify budgeting and purchasing operations with standardised repair costs for the majority of units.

DC Power Supply Repair

If you have an obsolete industrial power supply that has failed, repair is probably your simplest and most economical option to get your critical equipment up and running again.

We have repaired over 17,000 power supplies and rectifiers from a myriad of manufacturers over the last 18 years, giving us unrivalled expertise in this area. This means the likelihood of us being able to repair your PSU and get your equipment back up and running in the shortest possible time is extremely high – in fact, our repair yield averages 99.2% over the last 5 years.

Our design background means this is all done with a quality mind-set and the diligence to maintain regulatory approvals and product safety.  Benefits include reduced capital expenditure, minimised failures and reduced obsolescence anxiety.

We are also able to assist you to modify designs, ruggedize assemblies or suggest alternatives to get you operational and restore system reliability as soon as possible.

Engineer repairing a DC Power Supply

Power Supply Refurbishment

For critical equipment, prevention is better than cure!

Our refurbishment service helps you to achieve many more years of trouble-free service for your equipment by replacing ALL the components in the power supply that are prone to ageing, regardless of their condition.

Reliability-conscious engineers often ask for our industrial power supply refurbishment service, thereby extending the life of critical equipment by many years. This pro-active approach to maintenance helps to prevent failures before they occur. Essential where any unexpected machine downtime has a major impact on your productivity and revenues.

We are also able to assist you to modify power supply designs, ruggedize assemblies or suggest alternatives to get you operational and restore system reliability as soon as possible.

Power Supply Refurbishment

Power Supply Replacement

Where a repair or refurbishment is not an option, our services extend to the very highest quality design & manufacture of a wide range of fully CE marked industrial psu’s and chargers.

As ex-Advance Power (formerly Farnell Power) design engineers, we have been involved with power supplies and rectifiers since the early 1960’s. Using all the experience that decades of power supply design brings, we manufacture a range of products in the U.K. which faithfully replicate the ageing Farnell / Advance power supplies using the highest quality of components and manufacturing techniques.

For the end user, this offers the hassle-free simplicity of a like for like swap with the original product, often without the need for expensive re-qualification and testing.

All our power supplies are subjected to a full burn in and parametric test prior to leaving the factory to ensure 100% product compliance and are covered by a 3 year return to base warranty.