Replacement for Farnell G 240W
and Advance MG 240W range

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MAM0240 Range

Form, fit and function replacement for the Farnell G 240W range and the Advance MG 240W range. This PSU is one of a range of APS’ Obsolescence Solutions for Advance Power / Farnell PSUs. These units are hand-built to order.

  • 85-265VAC operation
  • Connections as original Farnell G and Advance MG range

  • 5V DC, 12V DC,  24V DC, 48V DC outputs available
  • Complete transparency to end user

  • Does NOT support remote voltage programming

Replacement for Farnell G 240W range Advance MG 240W range
Farnell Part NumberAdvance Part NumberAPS Model Number