Replacement for Advance Powerflex P350 / P500 range

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PYT Series

Form, fit and function replacement for Advance Powerflex P350 / P500 series.

This unit is one of a range of APS’ Obsolescence Solutions for Advance Power PSUs. These are niche PSUs that are hand-built to order, please check with us on lead times.

  • 85V – 264VAC operation
  • Configurable for isolated and non-isolated outputs
  • Signals package as per original Powerflex
  • Dual output option available
  • Complete transparency to end use


The original Powerflex P350 and P500 series were manufactured by Advance Power at their Bishop’s Stortford site for a number of years until the end of production in the early nineties. They were widely acclaimed for their inherent reliability and flexibility and were sold in relatively high quantities both in the UK and internationally.

The P350 design utilised a free running inverter with upto 6 plug in output modules based on mag-amp technology. There was the facility to configure some outputs as fully isolated and there was also the option of a dual output module. Required cooling air could be either customer supplied or provided by a cover mounted DC fan.

The P500 units were based on the same design with a higher current capability on the main output and the cover mounted fan being supplied as standard.

This product has been successfully trialled by the MOD and is accepted as a suitable replacement for P350 / P500.

Replacement for Advance Powerflex P350 / P500 range
Advance NumberReplaces System NumberOutput 1Output 2Output 3Output 4Output 5APS Model Number
P350/0145V 50A
12V 12A-12V 12A12V 10A5V 8APYT0450W014
P350/0175V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 9A-24V 6APYT0450W017
P350/0195V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A15V 12AF-PYT0450W019
P350/021C54021025V 50A12V 12A-12V 10A24V 6A-5V 8APYT0450W021
5V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A12V 12A12V 12APYT0450W023
P350/0245V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A12V, 12A-12V, 12APYT0450W024
5V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A15V 12A-15V 12APYT0450W024A
5V 50A15V 12A-15V 10A24V 5AF24V 5AFPYT0450W025
P350/0265V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 6A12V 12APYT0450W026
P350/0265V 50A12V 10A-15V 10A28V 6A15V 12APYT0450W026B
P350/0265402642,54026445V 50A12V 12A-12V 12A24V 6A-PYT0450W002
P350/02654026455V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A24V 6AF12V 12APYT0450W026A
P350/0275V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 10A-PYT0450W027
P350/0275V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A24V 10A-PYT0450W027A
P350/0285V 50A12V, 10A-12V, 10A--PYT0450W028
P350/0285V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A--PYT0450W028A
P350/0305V 50A12V 7A-12V 7A--5V 7APYT0450W030
P350/03154031055V 50A--24V 10A24V 10APYT0450W031
P350/04954049035V 50A12V 10A12V 10A24V 9A24V 6APYT0450W049
P350/0535V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A50V 4.5A-5.2V 8APYT0450W053
P350/070FC5V 50A12V 10A-12V 10A12V, 6AD-12V 6AD
P350/070FC5V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A15V 6AD-15V 6ADPYT0450W071
P350/070FC5.15V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A15V 6AD-15V 6ADPYT0450W071A
P350/0745V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A15V 6AD-15V 6ADPYT0450W074
54079485V 50A15V 10A-15V 10A5V 8A-5V 8APYT0450W079
P350/1275V 50A8V 10A-8V 10A18V, 9A-18V, 14APYT0450W127
5V 50A18V 4.5A-18V 4.5A24V 5A24V 5APYT0450W130
P350/1475V 50A5V 12A5V, 12A5V 8A24V 6APYT0450W147
P350/1655V 50A24V 5A24V 5A12V 6AD-12V 6ADPYT0450W165
P350/69057V 4.5A57V 4.5A-57V 4.5A-57V 4.5A-57V 4.5APYT0450W690
P350/70224V 15A--12V 10A-12V 10APYT0450W702
P350/70224V 15A--15V 10A-15V 10APYT0450W703
P350/70224V 15A--15V 10A-15V 10APYT0450W703A
P350/71524V 15A--24V, 5AF5V 8AFPYT0450W715
P350/72024V 15A15V 12A---PYT0450W720
P350/74824V 15A15V 10A-15V 10A--5V, 8APYT0450W748
P350/76324V 15A--15V 10AC-15V 6ADF
P350/76324V 15A--15V 10AC-15V 6ADFPYT0450W763
P500/01854018535V 60A12V 10A-12V 12A24V 5A6V 25APYT0550W018
P500/01854018535V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 10A5V 8APYT0550W018
P500/0185V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 9A5V 20APYT0650W001
P500/0215V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 10A-5V 8APYT0550W021
P500/02454024955V 60A12V 12A-12V 10A15V 10A-15V 10APYT0550W024
5V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 9AF24V 6APYT0650W025
P500/0255V 60A15V 10A-15V 10A24V 9AF24V 6APYT0650W025A
P500/02654026525V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 6A12V 12APYT0650W026
P500/0275V, 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 10A-PYT0550W027
P500/0285V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A--PYT0550W028
P500/0325V 60A12V 10A15V 10A24V 9A24V 6APYT0650W032
P500/0715V 60A12V 12A-12V 10A5V 12A5V 12APYT0550W071
P500/14254142995V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A--5V 8APYT0550W142
P500/1665V 60A12V 10A-12V 10A24V 9AF55V 4.5APYT0650W166
P500/60050V 10A15V 10A-15V 10A5V 8A-5.2V 8APYT0550W600
P500/70124V 15A12V 12A-12V 10A24V 6AF5V 8APYT0650W701
P500/71724V 15A24V 6A24V 6A--PYT0650W717
P500/72528V 15A12V 10A-12V 10A12V 12A-PYT0550W725
P500/72528V 10A12V 12A-12V 10A12V 6AD-PYT0650W725
P500/74224V 15A12V 10A-15V 6AD-15V 6ADPYT0550W742
P500/83312V 25A-12V 10A-12V 10A5V 8A5V 8APYT0550W833