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Our Transport and Traffic Customers face a massive reliability challenge every day. They are constantly looking for ways improve the reliability of the electronics that we all now depend on for our safety and to meet strict government service delivery targets.

Reliable Power Supplies

Struggling to meet service delivery targets?

When you are looking to providing a reliable service for the long-term, the lowest short-term cost is not usually your best option.

In the UK and most of Europe, electricity is supplied nominally at 230V AC, but usually the electronics that control things like signage and traffic management actually operate on a much lower DC supply; often 5V or 12V. To convert to this AC-DC voltage, your equipment needs a DC Power Supply of some form.

Electrical specifications are usually well considered, but sometimes reliability and suitability for purpose are not always as perceptible. This may leave you with the pain of ongoing reliability issues.

If you are struggling with seemingly unachievable service delivery commitments resulting from the effects of repeated power supply failure; consider talking to us about the consultancy, repair, refurbishment, ruggedisation and replacement services we offer in this sector.

Smart motorway solutions

Improving the reliability of electronics on our road infrastructure

From Smart Motorways to signalling systems; electronics and computers now control and monitor pretty much all of our road systems in the UK.  But the harsh environment surrounding our road system presents a challenge for those installing and maintaining this technology.

Moisture ingress or internal condensation, together with airborne pollution combine to form a hostile environment for electronics, and power supplies in particular. Conductive carbon particulates and acids formed from the sulphur and nitrogen compounds in diesel fumes can wreak havoc for circuit boards, causing corrosion and electrical flash-overs. The end result is premature equipment failure.

If you are suffering from the effects of repeated power supply failure, it’s costing you money and you are not sure why; consider talking to us about the consultancy, repair, refurbishment and ruggedisation services we offer.

Smart motorway solutions

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