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DC Rapid, Ultra Rapid & HPC electric vehicle (EV) charging station (EVCS) repair & maintenance services

APS helps OEMs & charge-point operators (CPOs) with the commissioning, maintenance and repair of Rapid, Ultra-Rapid and HPC DC chargers for battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

DC Charger commissioning, repair & maintenance services

With the UK governments announcement that they are to ban the sale of petrol or diesel engine cars (ICE) from 2030, rapid, exponential increase of installations of all types of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is happening. More Rapid DC and Ultra Rapid DC chargers for Battery Electric Vehicles (EVs or BEVs) are needed and fast! Many bus and transport companies have successfully trialled BEV technology, sometimes with HPC chargers and overhead pantograph chargers. The logistics industry is rolling out electrically powered vans and lorries to meet new sustainability commitments.

The pace of change is such that you might need help meeting demanding service SLAs and assistance with spares? Or perhaps you are in the middle of a technical skills shortage, with not enough skilled engineers available to achieve the % uptime or availability demanded by the public and government legislation.

Manufacturers or importers of DC charging infrastructure come to us for help meeting warranty and support obligations in the UK. Brexit delays and Covid travel restrictions are making it more difficult to run a EV DC charger repair and maintenance service in the UK from elsewhere in Europe.

CPOs are finding that an out-sourced solution to site maintenance, compliance and repair services allows them to concentrate on their core business and expand more rapidly with less capital investment.

Out of the warranty period, DC or AC charger owners may need help with annual maintenance, repair services, compliance and safety testing.

Electric Vehicle Charger Repair

Charger manufacturers and importers

APS can help you meet warranty objectives and deliver SLAs; particularly where expansion has left insufficient technical resources available in house or within the UK. We are also able to provide UK technical representation or establish an authorised warranty repair and maintenance service together with a local parts inventory for manufacturers entering the rapidly expanding UK market. We are Authorised Service Partners for many well known brands in the UK.

Charge point operators (CPO’s)

We provide out-of-warranty repairs on EV DC Rapid and DC Ultra-Rapid chargers, uniquely including repairs to DC power modules. There are significant cost savings and sustainability benefits available from repairing rather than replacing modules for those running tenders or contracts, or manufacturers returning DC Power Modules to factories in Europe or the Far East.

EVSE Infrastructure owners

Some earlier installations of DC Rapid chargers in UK are now aging. Some do not have a valid on-site maintenance contract. Additionally, repairs or support may not be available from the manufacturer. APS are able to call upon 20 years of DC Power experience and manufacturer connections to find and recommend a solution for you.

Bus operators

APS have experience with the maintenance and repair of Ultra Rapid / HPC DC chargers up to many 350kW and of Bus Pantograph charging systems. In addition, our Engineers have all the necessary qualifications for overhead working.

Commercial or Fleet EV chargers – AC & DC

Corporate Fleet and Facilities Managers, we are able to help you with annual maintenance and compliance testing of AC or DC EV Chargers. Preventative maintenance helps keep happy users and fulfil your duty of care and health & safety obligations.

Home EV chargers

Unfortunately we are not able to help you with a repair service for Home chargers as sadly, the repair cost is often too high to justify financially. We would recommend you speak to a local electrician who understands EV chargers. Often AC charger problems are related to cabling issues or poor installation rather than the AC charger unit itself.

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Authorised Service Partners for many OEMs in the UK.

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