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DC Rapid Charger Maintenance

APS assists charger manufacturers, charge-point operators and infrastructure owners; installers and site maintainers with the off-site repair of the DC charger modules inside Rapid or Ultra-Rapid chargers for battery electric vehicles.

An unwelcome distraction?

The exponential expansion of the EV market recently has caused significant problems with DC charger service delivery.

User abuse, software crashes, payment or ID issues, you probably have those all sorted – but what about the repair of the electronics inside the AC-DC power converter modules?

Service providers come to us for assistance achieving charger availability targets in SLA’s; Manufacturers or importers come to us if they do not have sufficient technical resources in the UK to meet warranty and support obligations.

With acquisitions occurring regularly and the pain of ongoing recruitment, management and training on your mind; it may be worth considering an outsourced approach to component level repairs to DC chargers.

Electric Vehicle Charger Repair

Charger Manufacturers and importers

APS can help you meet warranty objectives; particularly where expansion has left insufficient technical resources available in house or within the UK. We are also able to provide UK technical representation or establish an authorised warranty repair service for those entering the market.

Chargepoint operators (CPO’s) & FM on-site maintenance companies

We provide out-of-warranty repairs on EV DC Rapid and Ultra-Rapid charger modules to component level. There are significant cost savings and environmental benefits available from repairing rather than replacing modules for those running tenders or contracts.

Electric vehicle charging

Over 17,000…
power supplies repaired
and critically analysed

No fix, no fee…
if we fail to repair a faulty item
you pay nothing!

Express turnaround…
premium service available to
minimise expensive downtime

Fixed repair costs for the majority of units – simplify budgeting and purchasing operations.

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