Replacement for Artesyn N1204-1XXX / Applied Materials 1140-90090 power supply

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N1204 -APS

Form, fit and function replacement for the obsolete Artesyn N1204-1XXX / Applied Materials 1140-90090 power supply.

  • 85V – 264VAC operation.
  • Output 0-5V DC at 0-240A.
  • Signals and sequencing compatible with original Applied Materials 1140-90090 filament power supply, OEM reference: Artesyn N1204-1XXX.
  • Same output terminals for easy connection.
  • Same fixing positions.
  • Complete transparency to end user.
  • Built to order.


The original Artesyn N1204-1XXX was supplied as a high output OEM DC power supply.

The N1204-1XXX supply which is now obsolete, was manufactured by Artesyn and installed as a filament power supply into Applied Materials semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The APS replacement product N1204-APS is also a like-for-like replacement for Part numbers: Computer Products N1204-1XXX, Jeta N1204-1XXX,  Artesyn N1204-1XXX, Artesyn 200011-563 6, Applied Materials 1140-90090, Bulgin 15256/000 & XP SGM1KPS05.


Artesyn N1204-1XXX power supply replacement
OEM Model NumberAPS Model Number
Artesyn N1204-1XXXN1204-APS
Artesyn 200011-563 6N1204-APS
Applied Materials 1140-90090N1204-APS
Bulgin 15256/000N1204-APS