Replacement for Farnell / Advance F2705, F2905 and 160 series rectifiers.

CCR1500 Range

CCR1500 Range

Form, fit and function replacement for the Farnell / Advance Power / APC F2705, F2905 and 160 series rectifiers

  • 180-265VAC operation
  • Connections as original F2705, F2905 and 160 series rectifiers

  • Complete transparency to end user

  • Microprocessor control allows replication of most variants

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BT part no.Farnell Part no.Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentAPS Model Number
164/54/28 MK1F2705X or F2705/X216 - 264Vac54.9V28ACCR1500H54V
164/27/50A MK1F2705C or F2705/C216 - 264Vac27.4V50ACCR1500H27V
160/54/28A MK1F2705SX176 - 264Vac54.9V28ACCR1500H54V
160/27/50A MK1F2705SC176 - 264Vac27.4V50ACCR1500H27V
164/54/28A MK2F2905SXE176 - 264Vac54.9V28ACCR1500H54V
164/27/50A MK2F2905SC176 - 264Vac27.4V56ACCR1500H27V
160/54/38A MK1F2900SXH176 - 264Vac54.9V38ARepair / Refurb only
160/27/75A MK1F2900SC176 - 264Vac27.4V75ARepair / Refurb only


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