Delivering on the Promise of a ‘Zero Carbon’ Transport System

Electric vehicle charging

Our Transport Industry Customers face two massive environmental challenges. Firstly, how to reduce the detrimental effect our transport system has on the planet. Secondly the effect of the environment on the electronics that we all now depend on for our safety.

In 2020 the UK government announced that cars powered by the Internal Combustion engine (ICE) are to be banned from sale by 2030. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology and the performance of electric vehicles (EV’s) are improving dramatically, but it is our ability to install and maintain the charging infrastructure at an exponential rate that will determine the success or failure of this initiative.

APS partner with worldwide EV charger manufacturers in the delivery of tailored maintenance solutions for Rapid and Ultra-Rapid DC chargers in the UK. This can be warranty or post warranty, commissioning, maintenance or repair. A massive skills shortage is just around the corner and many installers and operators are giving little regard to future maintenance provisions. Help is at hand with APS in the form of our contract maintenance and repair service for DC chargers. Talk to us now, before you find that you really need us!


How to improve the reliability of electronics on our road systems

From Smart Motorways to road or trackside signalling systems; electronics and computers now control and monitor pretty much all of our transport systems in the UK.  But the harsh environment surrounding our road system presents a challenge for those installing and maintaining this technology.

Moisture ingress together with airborne pollution combines to form an extremely damaging environment for electronics in general and power supplies in particular. Conductive carbon particulates and acids formed from sulphur and nitrogen compounds in diesel fumes are largely to blame for circuit board corrosion and electrical flash-overs, leading to premature equipment failure.

If you are struggling with unachievable service delivery commitments or you are suffering from the effects of repeated power supply failure; consider talking to us about PSU design consultancy, repair, refurbishment and ruggedisation services we offer to this sector. To find out if we can help you, please get in touch with us from our Contact Us page