The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Farnell, Gould or Advance Power Supplies (PSUs)

Replacing Farnell and Advance Power Supplies Guide

Replacing ageing, obsolete Farnell, Gould or Advance power supplies.

If you are looking to replace ageing obsolete Farnell, Gould or Advance power supplies with new, equivalents of the original DC power supply units or rectifiers, APS can help. From the 1960s to 2002, many niche products were built by Farnell, Gould and Advance for telecoms, oil, gas & water, power generation, industrial automation, transport, telecoms and defence Sectors. An impressive number of these ageing PSU’s are still operational now, but for how long? With the original power outputs and control signals specifically designed for your application, it is difficult or impossible to find the easy replacement solution. What you really want is a fit-form-function replacement built to the same, original Advance, Farnell or Gould specifications.

Advance Product Services Ltd (APS).

After Farnell / Advance / Gould and then ultimately APC closed the gates on the UK design and manufacture of power supplies, a group of highly skilled design engineers from the company setup APS to provide repair, preventative maintenance and replacement solutions for the obsolete power supplies (PSUs) in critical infrastructure across the world. (Read more – See history – link). 

We are here to help find a solution for you.

APS manufacture a range of like-for-like (fit-form-function) replacement products that are the same physical size and meet or exceed the original product specifications. They are built with the same quality design ethos, but using modern day manufacturing techniques and materials. 

So, where to start? 

We have produced a simple to use guide showing which APS products are suitable replacements for specific product ranges and part numbers.

You can download it for free and contact us if you require any further assistance; we will be very pleased to help.

If you have a completely unique application for which no solution yet exists why not outsource a bespoke solution? We can design, manufacture or advise on a custom power solution for you to your exact specifications.

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