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Kingshill power supply repairs

Kingshill PSU before repair

If you are looking for a Kingshill power supply repair, we may be able to help. All models repaired and refurbished, Replacements are available for some Kingshill models. Check if we have repaired your model before.

Kingshill Electronic Products Ltd of Gravesend in Kent UK, manufactured a range of Linear and switchmode DC power supplies in the UK up until 2001 as far as I can tell from research. APS repair the full range of Kinghill power supplies (PSUs). We have repair experience of more than 30 different models. We even offer a fixed price standard repair for some of the original Kingshill models.

After many decades of reliable service, there are still many Kingshill PSUs left running important equipment in various Industries including power generation in the UK. Some of Kinghill’s supplies were actually designed as replacements for original Farnell, Gould or Advance Power units. There are some Farnell G series / Gould or Advance MG series and some older linear units as well. We may be able to help with a like-for -like replacement if you have an obsolescence problem.

Please click here to start a repair enquiry with us or if you would like to know more.

APS specialise in solutions for obsolete AC-DC power supplies (PSUs), chargers and rectifiers such as those made by Kingshill. Run by actual PSU design engineers, we offer expert help with repairs, refurbishments and replacements to get your critical equipment back up and running in the shortest possible time. We repair most DC PSUs from most manufacturers, you can Search our list of models we have previously repaired here.